Gina Ruiz reads a lot, blogs a lot (books, cooking, online journal, poetry), fiddles around in virtual worlds and is big on promoting multicultural literature. Her idea of a grand vacation is going to Book Expo America or visiting dusty bookshops in any city. She speaks hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook and Spanglish. Most recently spotted at the zoo with her partners in bookish madness – Jasmine and Aiden (they’re gonna be writers!). Sometimes she has to wrestle them for the books she wants to review.

Gina started AmoXcalli several years ago and can usually be found with her nose in a book or her Kindle if she’s on the road (don’t worry she’s not the one driving!).

A lot of Gina’s old book reviews at Blogcritics were picked up by major newspapers and websites and you can find links to PDF’s of those here and here.

She’s always wanting to hear about something good to read, so send her a note using the handy contact form and she’ll be happy to hunt down the book. She also writes about bookish events as well as events of interest to writers.

Gina loves to review:  Graphic Novels and Comics; Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Children’s, MG and YA books; Art and Architecture; Latino/a Books; Poetry; Biographies; Non-Fiction; Mystery; Literary Fiction; Historical Fiction; Cookbooks; and Gardening books.

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