AmoXcalli is currently open to review requests.  We read and write thoughts of a book in a conversational manner, so if you’re looking for a different kind of review there are tons of fantastic book bloggers out there.

For children’s illustrated books and graphic novels, we (particularly Gina)  prefer the physical books, but are flexible with the exception of Fred Patten, who only takes physical books, which he then donates.

What we review:  Graphic novels, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Fiction, non-fiction Latino books, bilingual children’s books, Latino fiction, Latino Chick-lit, Romance, children’s books from pre-school to Middle Grade, Young Adult literature, Poetry; both children and adult, Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Mysteries and Psychological Thrillers, Art books and Cookbooks.

What we don’t review:  Religious/Christian/Mormon/etc. books (I don’t care if it’s Church of the Jedi or written in Elvish, if it’s religious, we won’t touch it), erotica, (we don’t care if it’s about your werewolf, Harley-riding vampire boyfriend and is the next best thing to since you got handcuffed by a chupacabra, we don’t review erotica) self-help (NO!) and textbooks (seriously).

We take time with our reviews.  We like to read and really absorb a book before  writing down  thoughts on it, so if you’re going to hound us each day with emails about the review, best not to have us review it at all.  Please state upfront if there is a tight turn around time and/or deadline on a review so that we can either take a pass or assign it accordingly.  Non-fiction tends to take a little longer than fiction because we believe in cross checking facts.

Long Lead?  Yes, we are happy to take books for long lead publishing of reviews.  Give us a date range and we will schedule it accordingly. WE NEVER VIOLATE EMBARGOS.

Here’s the deal:  If you send us unsolicited review material, we WILL look at it, but consider AmoXcalli under no obligation to review it.  We may or we may not.  However, if we ask for a book to review, we consider ourselves obligated to review it.

If we like a book, we will Tweet about it, cross post on reviews on Goodreads and LibraryThing  and  Facebook.  If we absolutely adore it, we will champion it, and hound people to buy it (from an Indie).

AmoXcalli will NEVER sell ARCs or Galleys.  All our books: we either keep, give to family or donate to schools and local libraries.

NetGalley copies?  Yes, please.  Both Gina and Shannon are registered with NetGalley and love to use the service.

Blog Carnivals?  Author interviews?  Posting Youtube videos of an author’s reading and/or events?  Yes, yes, and yes.

Please use the contact form page to get in touch.


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