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  1. Hi Gina,

    Checking in back with you to offer you the opportunity to review the SECOND book in the bilingual Captain Mama series – the first such series about women and mommies serving in our armed forces.

    On the heels of the success of “Good Night Captain Mama” which you reviewed in 2013 and the four literary awards it won (see here:, this July 4th we will publish “Captain Mama’s Surprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá” [with ISBN 9780997309003.]

    Little Marco is headed out to the jet for a field trip with his entire 2nd grade class and with his sisters to meet his mom’s aircrew and learn about the flying gas station! There’s a glossary and a glosario of aviation terms and an engineering project in the back matter too.

    Because you were in the first group of reviewers for the first book, Gina, we’d love to send you a review copy now that we’ve printed the first books ahead of the national pub date of 7/4. We can also send a sell sheet with distributor and other info if you’d like. I look forward to your reply!


  2. Dear Editors,

    I am writing to bring William Luvaas’s new novel, Beneath The Coyote Hills, to your attention in hopes that you will review it at Amoxcalli. The novel is due out Sept. 15, 2016 from Spuyten Duyvil Press.

    Beneath The Coyote Hills explores the influence of choice and chance in our lives. Do we control our own destiny or is it dictated in part by mysterious forces beyond our control? Tommy Aristophanos is a luckless man, a homeless freegan, fiction writer, and epileptic, who is haunted by grotesque “spell visions” and by his abusive father who returns, quite literally, from the dead. When Tommy’s fictional creation, wealthy and successful V.C. Hoffstatter, emerges from pages of the novel Tommy is writing to harass him–repossess his home and fire him from his job, leaving him homeless–plucky Tommy fights back. Volt believes that we author our own destiny, while Tommy’s many reverses and his ailment teach him that we control far less than we imagine. He endures attacks by vigilante thugs, marauding coyotes, and by a criminal organ transplant ring in Kosovo that steals one of his kidneys. In the book’s final narrative twist, we are left wondering who is the true Pygmalion–Tommy or Hoffstatter?

    William Luvaas is the author of two previous novels, The Seductions of Natalie Bach and Going Under, and two story collections, A Working Man’s Apocrypha and Ashes Rain Down: A Story Cycle, which was The Huffington Post’s 2013 “Book of the Year.” His honors include an NEA Fellowship in Fiction and first place in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open Contest. His stories, essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in dozens of publications.

    For a review copy of the novel, please contact us at and we will send an e-galley and the media kit. Many thanks for your time and consideration.


    Todd Thilleman, Publisher
    Spuyten Duyvil Press

  3. Just checking back to see if you are interested in seeing an advance copy of Luvaas’s new novel. I can send an egalley in a PDF or an advance hard copy, whichever. Here is what Irish award-winning writer Billy O’Callaghan has to say about Beneath The Coyote Hills:

    “Beneath The Coyote Hills has cost me a sleepless night that I can scarcely afford, and has left me cold with awe at the unwavering skill and subtlety of the narrative. The sheer scope of the author’s imagination, and the almost impossibly delicate poetic weight of his prose, has made the discovery of William Luvaas’ writing one of the genuine joys of my reading-year. He is a remarkable writer, comfortably among the finest at work in America today, and this novel is a towering and maybe career-defining achievement, art of the highest order.”
    Many Thanks,
    Tod Thilleman

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