Good Night Captain Mama
Graciela Tiscareno-Sato (Author) , Linda Lens (Illustrator)
Publisher: Gracefully Global Group LLC; Bilingual edition (June 4, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0983476039
ISBN-13: 978-0983476030

I typically don’t review self-published books at all.  I have my reasons and the main one is that I’m just not keeping up with regular reviews like I used to.  To open myself up to a deluge of self-published or indie books is frankly something I can’t afford to do.  That said, I do make the occasional exception.  GOOD NIGHT CAPTAIN MAMA is one.

Why am I making an exception?  I’m doing this because I think this little gem is a very important book in a lot of ways.  I do have some critiques, but whatever the book’s problems it remains important.

GOOD NIGHT CAPTAIN MAMA is the story of a mother and child.  The mother is in the military and is explaining to the child what her various badges on her flight suit mean.  The mother is a Latina, a woman in a typically male industry and in a position of authority in what would also be a typical role that a man would fill.  That’s why the book is important.  Mama isn’t in the kitchen rolling out tortillas, or in the store shopping – it’s her son’s bedtime and instead of settling down for the night herself, she’s preparing to go on a mission.

So much of what we read and see about Latina women is stereotypical.  You’d think it was still the 1950s for how we are portrayed.  If we’re not cleaning a house, we’re either beauty queens or something a lot less savory.  I can’t remember a time where I’ve EVER read about a Latina Captain before.  That’s huge.  It shows Latino children that they can aspire to something more, be more.  Young women and girls will have role models that do more than shake their behinds and sing.

As mentioned above, I did have a few small problems with the book.  The author did a good job with description, but I would have liked to see more story and less show and tell.  It could have been absolutely riveting with a stronger story and I do think the author is capable of that.  She has a story to tell, a good one and she does it, though a little matter of fact and instructional.  I think given time, she will become more polished in her storytelling, more experienced and confident in her voice.  I’d love to see more Captain Mama stories in the future.  It would be a tremendous series and one of great value. I think our children need these books and Captain Mama is a wonderful character with tons of potential.

All in all, GOODNIGHT CAPTAIN MAMA is a must-have for any child, especially girls or children with parents in the military.  The book is bilingual (English and Spanish) with lovely illustrations and I think it should be in every library and school.

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About the Author

This book was inspired by a conversation the author had with her son the night before a Veterans Day event at his preschool. As Graciela donned her uniform, her son entered the room on his way to bed when he spotted her in her “costume.” His curiosity and the questions he asked led Graciela to write the first draft of the manuscript that same night.

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. She completed the Aerospace Studies program as an AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Program) scholarship cadet while earning her degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. During her active duty career in the U.S. Air Force, she deployed to four continents and dozens of countries as aircrew member, instructor and contingency planning officer. Flying many combat sorties over Southern Iraq in the NO FLY Zone after Operation Desert Storm earned her crew the prestigious Air Medal on her first deployment. She served with a NATO Battle staff in Vicenza, Italy, as a military liaison officer at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador and much more. She earned a Master degree in International Management from the School of Global Commerce at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington before leaving active service.

After an international marketing management career with Siemens, she created her global marketing and publishing firm, Gracefully Global Group, LLC. In November 2010, she received “Entrepreneur of the Year” honors at the LATINAStyle Magazine Gala in Washington D.C. Graciela actively mentors students who need education and career roadmaps, a central focus of her four-time award-winning book, Latinnovating. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader (personal branding for military veterans) and lecturer in classrooms, business schools, corporate events and conferences around the nation. Graciela and her family live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Gina,

    Checking in back with you to offer you the opportunity to review the SECOND book in the Captain Mama series.

    On the heels of the success of “Good Night Captain Mama” and the four literary awards it won (see here:, this spring we will publish “Captain Mama’s Surprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá” [with ISBN 9780997309003.] Little Marco is headed out to the jet with his sisters and his entire 2nd grade class! Because you were in the first group of reviewers, I’d love to send you the digital ARC when it’s available this month. Please let me know if you’d be interested, okay?

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