AmoXcalli is grieving the loss of a Titan of children’s literature, author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak who died today. We’re not the only ones. The internet is awash with obits, tributes, memories, etc. I don’t think there is a life that he didn’t touch in some way with his writing, his humor, his art, or his genius.

Rest in peace Mr. Sendak.

People wanting to comment, can sign his guestbook here at Legacy

It is the custom here at AmoXcalli, to do a roundup of links when one of our beloved authors passes. Keep coming back to see the list as it grows or leave one of your own in the comments section. We’ll post as many as we can as a virtual altar, each link a flower in a vase or as we stay in Spanish, un descanso.

Links are in no particular order.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
The New York Times
CBS News
Fox News
Stephen Colbert
Bill Moyers
Rolling Stone’s 1976 Cover Story
L.A. Times
The Guardian
Maurice Sendak’s last interview with Stephen Colbert
The Atlantic Wire
Hollywood Reporter

60 Minutes Overtime
ABC News
Geek Dad at Wired
EW’s Shelf Life
Washington Post
Tom Hanks
ABC News Blog
USA Today
Interview with Mr. Sedak on PBS
Vanity Fair article on Bumble-ardy
NY Daily News
Maurice Sendak’s Facebook page
The Telegraph
The Millions
US Magazine
Boing Boing
The Wrap
The Awl
Ain’t It Cool News
Lines and Colors
Bookworm Room
LA Observed
The Maddow Blog
Sendak Documentary produced by Adam Yauch
Art Spiegelman visits Maurice Sendak
Publisher’s Weekly
HBO documentary
The Guardian Books Blog
Art Spiegelman on Maurice Sendak
Rosenbach Museum & Library
The New Yorker
Vanity Fair
Sendak Saw Picture Books as Literature
The Paris Review
Carson Ellis

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